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Common Commercial Roofing Issues and How GAF Products Address Them

Common Commercial Roofing Issues and How GAF Products Address Them

If you want to know common commercial roofing issues and how GAF products address them, you’ve found the right post. If you’re a homeowner, you’re likely to run into roofing problems eventually. It’s at this time when you’ll want to know the best ways to have repairs done. Perhaps you’ll need a new overall roofing system. This is where GAF roofing comes in. You’ll need a solution that’s about more than replacing lost shingles or simply getting new ones. You’ll need a quality roof that will last for years. This will demand a solution that will protect the home from potential future damage. The roof should be able to withstand normal wear and tear. It should also withstand plenty of inclement weather over several years. 

What is GAF in Roofing?

GAF is among the leading roofing manufacturers in the United States of America. The company’s name came from the longer General Aniline & Film. They had this name because they were once responsible for manufacturing photographic film. Their expert abilities in this field led to them becoming the official film manufacturer for Disney. These days, they’re primarily known for roofing, hence the simple name of “GAF.” It’s no longer a mere abbreviation.

GAF shingles come highly recommended for roofs around the country, especially residential roofs. They can also be used for commercial buildings made with steep slopes. These shingles will ensure quality and durability for years to come. GAF roofing systems are built around asphalt shingles. These come in a worthwhile selection of colors and design options to fit any kind of roof.

Modern technological advancements have helped to improve the quality and performance of GAF shingles. There won’t be much hassle with installing GAF shingles. But this doesn’t mean any roofer can install them. This is why GAF offers certification levels to help those who are expert in installations stand out. GAF products will help address several common roofing issues.

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Leaking Issues

A roof will eventually run into leaking issues. This will happen after it’s been battered with plenty of severe weather over a period. It will also happen when plumbing issues are present, depending on how the house was constructed. This means the shingles will need to be replaced. This is where GAF comes in.

The GAF roofing system will ensure that a waterproof layer will be installed. It will be situated atop the roof deck to guard vulnerable areas. This will guard the roof and inner house against wind-driven rain, the issue that creates the most leaks.

Wind Issues

GAF shingles will also ensure protection against high wind speeds. The most common shingles will only protect against wind speeds that are around 55mph. GAF shingles are made with starter strips. They also have roof deck protection and ridge cap shingles. The roof will be protected no matter how harsh the winds are.


GAF installation systems also include intake and exhaust vents. These are installed to move air throughout the attic area. The air flow will prevent excessive heat from building within the attic. This will remove the chance of damaging moisture from residing in the area. A proper ventilation system is vital for the roofing system to remain healthy.

Poor airflow will make the attic a breeding ground for future issues. Among those will be mold and rot, in addition to excess moisture and heat storage. GAF ventilation systems let the fresh air flow through the attic. It will expel hot and moist air before it sits there for too long. This will help regulate temperature and humidity levels in the attic and house.

Solar Panel Installation

GAF shingles come in the solar variety too. The solar-powered shingles provide solar power to the home. The shingles provide the best of both worlds. GAF’s shingles are the most durable around, and they provide solar power.

Solar-powered shingles will enhance the curb appeal of the entire home. Their subtle appearance will add an extra touch of sophistication to the roof. This will look more aesthetically pleasing than large solar panels. But that depends on the home and the roof.

Other GAF shingles are made to house solar panels. These are created so solar panels can be installed on top of them. These will provide an additional energy source after they’re installed on top of the roofs. 

Common Commercial Roofing Issues and How GAF Products

Shingles that Last and Are Affordable

Affordability is one of the top reasons homeowners choose GAF shingles and systems. Normal shingles have a history of not being the most durable roofing materials around. But GAF shingles remain in place for years. The shingles themselves come in several varieties, depending on the price range. Some are three-tab strip shingles. Others are of the ultra-premium variety. Solar-reflective shingles are also available, as described above.

It’s easy for GAF shingles and systems to be installed. It’s also a hassle-free process for the roofer. Their durability ensures a lower chance of future complaints regarding shingles flying off. The potential for a homeowner frantically searching for a roofer thanks to a leak will be reduced. GAF shingles will remain on a roof for 20 years or more.

This roof durability means the house will maintain its resale value. It’s an element the inspector will notice before the homeowner puts the home up for sale. GAF shingles are designed to sit tightly on the roof for several years. These will make sure that the roof and home will maintain a high-quality pristine look.

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Common Commercial Roofing Issues and How GAF Products Address Them

GAF shingles and installation systems address several common roofing issues. They also prevent other unwanted issues from popping up. They’re designed to address leaking issues, and make sure they don’t happen in the future. They’ll do the same for wind issues, to ensure the ventilation on the roof remains protected. This will prevent problems like moisture and mold gathering in the attic areas. GAF shingles also come in a solar-reflective variety. They’re affordable too, made to last for 20 years or more. These are common commercial roofing issues and how GAF products address them.

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