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Knowing Your Options: Roof Replacement vs. Roof Renovation

Knowing Your Options: Roof Replacement vs. Roof Renovation

Knowing Your Options: Roof Replacement vs. Roof Renovation: If you want to know your options between a roof replacement and a roof renovation, you’ve found the right post. The roof is one of the most important elements of the home. It’s the aspect that completes the top of the house. But even the best-quality roof won’t last forever. It’s bound to sustain damage over time, likely thanks to constant inclement weather. It can be tough for a homeowner to tell if the roof merely needs a renovation or a total replacement. Several factors go into figuring out the better option.

The Age of the Roof

The roof’s age will be enough to tell you when the roof needs renovation or replacement. This also depends on the type of material used to make the roof. Perhaps the roof is under 20 years old, and wasn’t made with asphalt shingles. The roofing inspector also might only see minor damages. It may also be made with clay or metal, both of which last longer. In these cases, only a renovation will be necessary.

If the roof is old and deteriorating, strongly consider replacing it entirely. This goes double if you plan on staying in the house for several years longer. Every piece of roofing material has a lifespan. If an inspector sees major problems, it’s time for a replacement as soon as possible.

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The Condition of the Roof

The homeowner should understand the extent of the roof’s damage when it occurs. The two main signs of damage to find are either aesthetic or structural.

Aesthetic damage will only ruin the roof’s look. Perhaps something has splashed on the roof from paint or animals. There might also be moss or algae growing on the roof. In these cases, the overall underlying roof itself remains sturdy and in great shape. In these cases, a roof renovation is all that’s needed. But an inspector should still investigate the roof to determine how structurally sound it is.

Meanwhile, structural damage is a more severe problem. This happens when damage is sometimes not readily apparent upon looking at it. Upon a faraway look, it will be difficult to tell if shingles are cracked or broken. Some could also be dented and rusted. The roof vents and decks will also be malfunctioning in this case. Underlying structural damage exists in these cases. Here, it’s a better idea to get a roof replacement. 

The Geographical Area

The location in which the house exists is another factor that homeowners should watch out for. This will also determine whether a roof replacement or renovation is the best idea going forward. You might live in a part of the country susceptible to hurricanes and tornadoes. Even hail storms can be severe enough to damage a roof, depending on the materials used to make it.

It’s a good idea to replace missing shingles after a storm as soon as possible. This will prevent roof leaks from happening. It’s another good idea to have the roof regularly inspected in these areas. The inspector will determine how damaged the roof has become after constant severe storms. They’ll inform you of whether it needs a mere renovation after minor damage, or a replacement. They’ll also tell the homeowner of the best ways to protect the roof from future storms.

Roof Replacement vs. Roof Renovation

How Long You Plan to Remain in the Home

When considering the roof’s condition, how much longer you plan to stay in the home is a big question. The roof should be replaced when necessary if you plan to live in the house for several years longer. Doing so will increase the entire house’s lifespan. But a replacement is a good idea even if you’re only planning on staying a few years longer. This will increase the house’s value when it comes time to sell. It will increase the curb appeal. Roofs make up a large portion of the home’s outward appearance.

Perhaps you’re only staying in this house for a temporary time. You may not be there long enough for your finances to justify an entire roof replacement. Mere renovations will be enough to keep the roof in good shape. Let’s save that replacement for the next homeowner. 

How Quickly Work Needs to be Done

There’s potential for the roof to have minor structural damage when a storm is approaching. The damage is hopefully minor enough that a homeowner isn’t worried about too much damage. Here, a quick renovation will suffice. There may not be enough time for a replacement. The renovation will be a quicker process.

The homeowner should not delay if the roof has serious structural damage. If the homeowner realizes this, it’s best to have the roof replaced well before a serious storm arrives. A replacement is the best option if around 30 percent of the roof has been damaged. 

Differences in Cost

A roof replacement will be far more expensive than a mere roof repair. But this isn’t the only aspect to consider with the cost.

There might be cases where the roof needs constant renovations whenever problems pop up. The costs will all add up in these cases. An entire replacement of the roof will be cheaper instead of getting small-but-necessary constant repairs. The roof replacement will cost more upfront, but renovations won’t be necessary for years afterward.

The roofing contractor will provide estimates to help you weigh your options. They can provide solutions for a budget-conscious renovation that won’t put the home at risk. If the roof’s damage is too severe, a replacement must happen.

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Knowing Your Options: Roof Replacement vs. Roof Renovation

Whether a roof needs a replacement or mere renovation will depend on the age and condition. If the roof is 15 years old or less, a renovation might be all that’s necessary. But a replacement will be needed for older roofs. Roofs made with shingles will also last for a shorter time. Roofs that are only aesthetically damaged will only need renovation. But a replacement is the answer for roofs not structurally sound. The geographical area will also determine when a roof needs a replacement or renovation. Severe weather will batter a roof and age it faster. How long you plan to reside in the home will also determine which option you should pay for. Roof renovations are cheaper than replacements. But remember that too many renovations will add up, and potentially cost more than a replacement. This is how to know your options between roof replacement and roof renovation.

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