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For low slope roofing services NJ in West Orange, choose R Stevens Commercial Roofing Inc.  We are Essex County NJ’s #1 low slope roof systems replacement contractors. Contact R Stevens Commercial Roofing Inc. for all your needs with regards to low slope roof systems.

What Is A Low-Slope Roofing System?

Are you wondering, “what is a low-slope roof”?  A low slope roof is a type of roof that has a very gentle slant. It’s typically used on commercial buildings such as malls and hotels and industrial structures such as warehouses.  However, it can also be found in homes.
The steeper the pitch, the more likely water will pool at certain points on the roof when it rains or snows. This makes them more susceptible to leaks and other damage from moisture exposure. Low slope roofs are designed to shed water away from these areas so they stay dryer for longer periods of time than steeply pitched roofs do. They’re also easier to walk across because their surfaces aren’t as slippery when wet, which makes them safer in inclement weather conditions like rain or snowstorms.
If you have questions about what kind of roof would work best for your business, our team can help you find out!  Learn more about low-slope roof systems and how we can help by giving us a call.


R Stevens Is NJ’s Low-Slope And Commercial Flat Roof Experts!

f you’re looking for a commercial roofing company in NJ, look no further than R Stevens Commercial Roofing Inc. R Stevens Commercial Roofing is NJ’s low slope and commercial flat roof experts.  We offer low-slope roofing services to ensure your business is protected from the elements. So whether you need a commercial building roof replacement or something else, we should be your top choice!
At R Stevens Commercial Roofing Inc., we know that every building has different needs and requirements when it comes to protecting them from the weather. That’s why our team of experts will work with you to find the right solution for your property so you can get back to focusing on what matters most – running your business.
When it comes time for a new roof, don’t settle for just any company! Contact R Stevens Commercial Roofing Inc. today or view our services page.  Our experienced professionals are ready and waiting to help protect your commercial property with our low slope roofing services and anything else.

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Low Slope Roofing Services NJ

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