20 October

Signs Your Commercial Roof Might Need Emergency Repair

Signs Your Commercial Roof Might Need Emergency Repair

If you want to know the signs that your commercial roof might need emergency repair, you’re reading the right blog. The commercial roof of a building will need basic repairs after aging over time. There are many ways in which they can wear down. They can be battered through inclement weather. They absorb the frigid cold and intense heat of the winter and summer seasons, respectively. People and animals also walk on them throughout the year. Leaving those issues unrepaired over time will increase the need for emergency repairs. Here are the signs showing when a roof needs emergency repairs.

Water Is Leaking Through

Leaks are a big sign that a roof needs repairs. If water is leaking into a building during torrential rains, it’s time to call a professional. The roofing expert will inform the building owner about whether it can be repaired. A full replacement will be needed if the damage is too bad. 

There are other more dangerous leaks that will go unnoticed for those inside the building. These will be detected by an inspector. They’ll know how to look for moldy and water spots on the roof. They can also look for them in the attic area in buildings with sloped roofs. If the leaking spots can’t be seen from the attic area, it’s possible to smell soiled parts.

The Downspout Isn’t Working

Something is wrong when the owner realizes that no water is coming through the downspout. This will be a large problem after a good pouring rain. It’s a sign that the downspout is clogged. It’s possible for debris, leaves, and twigs to clog the downspout. The chances of this increase in areas that receive plenty of inclement weather.

Even in areas that don’t receive destructive weather, the downspout will get clogged eventually. Clean it whenever possible to prevent this from happening. Not doing so will result in pools of water being left on the roof after a good rain. The leftover water will wear down the roof faster, increasing the need for emergency repairs. It’s also worth calling one if the downspout is too old, and gets clogged too easily.

Bubbles or Blisters Have Appeared

It’s possible for the roofing inspector to spot bubbles and blisters on the roof. Perhaps even the commercial building owner has spotted them. This is a sign that moisture trapped beneath or inside the roofing has evaporated. This will occur through damage left unattended over time. It will also happen in roofs that were poorly installed. In both cases, emergency repairs are needed.

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These are signs that water will leak into the building if left unaddressed. This will mean expensive property repairs in the future. It’s best to call an experienced roofer for repairs to minimize further damage in the future. 

Damaged Flashing

Flashing is installed on the roof to properly seal areas on the structure. They’re found around the windows, chimneys, and vent pipes. These will wear down over time, like other elements of the roof. The flashing can go missing or simply deteriorate. They’ll also be poorly installed if the roofer wasn’t experienced enough. It will cause serious damage to the roof if any of these scenarios happen.

Calling an experienced roofer is essential here too. The flashing will need repairs to avoid future leaks and other damage from weather and debris. The roofing inspector should see these while doing an inspection. The commercial building owner should have them overlook it at least once a year.

Shingles are Flying Off

Many commercial roofs have flat surfaces that leave no need for shingles. But there are smaller commercial buildings with sloped roofs. These roofs will also age over time and deteriorate. The biggest sign that deterioration is happening is when shingles start falling off. They will even fly off during inclement weather, or high wind events. The roof will need emergency repairs.

It’s not good in general when shingles fly off the roof. It’s worse when those shingles can hit people or property. This could leave the building owner open to injury repairs, or even lawsuits. A court case or settlement will cost more than getting the roof repaired in general. The best idea is to not let it get to this point. Have the roof inspected annually. If the inspector can’t get on the roof, they will see signs of this in an attic area. 

The Roof Is Simply Aging

Problems will appear on the roof after several years. It’s not likely for the roof to have any problems after a few years after it’s been installed. But this assumes the roof was installed properly. Even the most properly installed roofs will wear down after several seasons of weather. Fluctuating temperatures will also induce wear and tear. Accidents and environmental damage will increase the need for emergency roof repairs.

If frequent repairs are needed, the roof is simply getting too old. An entire roof replacement will be needed. Newer roofing materials are made to withstand potential damage from the weather and assorted debris.

Other Cosmetic Issues

The commercial building owner or an inspector can spot casual cosmetic issues with the roof. These will drag down the overall look of the commercial building. This will, thus, drag down the property value. It’s best to make emergency repairs before the reputation takes too heavy of a battering.

This assumes the roof isn’t so dilapidated that repairs won’t be enough. This will happen if the roof has aged enough. It will be time for a new roof installation.

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Signs Your Commercial Roof Might Need Emergency Repair

A commercial building owner or professional roofer is needed to spot when a roof needs repairs. The roof could be leaking water. The downspout will stop working. Bubbles and blisters will appear atop the roof. The flashing will get damaged. Shingles will start falling off a sloped roof. Any roof will simply wear down over time after age. If any of these issues appear, they need emergency repairs. They should be repaired before they damage other parts of the building. These are the signs that your commercial roof needs emergency repair.

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