13 October

The Benefits of Commercial Roof Coating

The Benefits of Commercial Roof Coating

If you need to know the benefits of commercial roof coating, keep reading this post. Commercial roof coating itself bears a resemblance to paint. Like paint, it can be applied through spray equipment, a brush, or a roller. But the consistency of the content is thicker, soldiers, and sturdier, for good reason. The coating has become a valuable tool for many roofers after finishing the biggest and hardest work. This substance will help extend the life of a roof and improve the aesthetics. The coating can prevent many future problems that will wear down the roof over time.

Extend the Roof’s Life

One of the biggest benefits of commercial roof coating is the ability to extend the roof’s life. The coating can protect the roofing material from the exposure of the sun’s UV rays. It can also provide a form of weather protection. This will prevent parts of the roof from fading and cracking over time. It will also protect the roof from moss and algae that will deteriorate it. The coating performance will vary depending on the kind used, and how thick the coating is. The best and most extensive type will extend the roof’s lifeline by up to ten years. After ten years, the new coating can be applied to further extend its life.

Keeps the Building Temperature Down

Installing certain types of commercial roof coating can reduce the temperature of an overall building. A white reflective roof coating will specifically reduce the temperature of a commercial building. It can reduce the inside feel of the temperature by about 50 degrees during hot summers.

Reduce Energy Costs

The coating can help reduce energy consumption inside a building. Roof coatings can reflect around 85 percent of the sun’s rays. This will significantly reduce the level of heat that will get inside the building during the summer. It will help reduce the cost of air conditioning. This will make the building more comfortable to remain inside for a longer time. The coating can also help reduce heating costs during harsh winter months. The coating will maximize inside relaxation. 

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Reduce Roof Noise

Roof coating can help reduce the volume of noise, from weather, people, or animals on the roof. This will reduce the pounding sounds from rain, hail, and wind. This will make the building a more peaceful place to reside in for business or apartment living purposes.

Coating Itself is Affordable

The coating can be added to a roof at a small extra price. It works as a cost-effective way to improve the aesthetics of the roof and an entire building by extension. They’ll also reduce the amount of maintenance required on a roof in the future by preventing damage. It’s a quick and easy process to secure the roof and the building and protect the environment to boot.

Environmentally Friendly

Roof coating is a greener solution. It can help the roof reflect the sun’s heat. This will reduce heat consumption in the building, thus lowering the carbon footprint. The more environmentally friendly coatings will protect the surrounding area from harmful UV rays. It’s an easy way for commercial building owners to save money and help the climate.

Protect Against Leaks

The coating sprayed on the roof will seep into any cracks, or potential cracks that will form. The coating will also reach areas that are harder to patch. This will prevent leaks in the future, especially during the rainiest times of the year. Certain types of coating can also protect against acid rain, depending on the environment. The protection against leaks and other types of rain can prevent the pipes from clogging and corroding.

Improves the Look

Roof coating comes in a variety of colors. These can complement the look of a roof depending on the coating style chosen. This look will extend to the building, making it look more pleasing aesthetically. It will also increase the resale value. It’s an easy way to change the building’s image, should the owner want a different look. The protection the coating offers from debris and algae will keep the roof looking clean for years.

Easy to Install

Roof coating is easy for the roofers to install. The building owner and those residing in the building can remain inside during the installation. A business also won’t have to close or vacate a commercial building. The upper floors of an apartment won’t have to temporarily vacate the premises. 

The systems used to apply coating create minimal noise. This noise will be lower in volume compared to those made inside the building. The coating used is also low odor, preventing any odd smells from seeping inside. This is barely a disruption compared to the roofing work itself. Installing an entire roof will take weeks for a commercial building. Applying the coating will take days at most if not hours.

Easy to Maintain

Once the coating is installed, the building owner will have to do minimal work to maintain it. The only work required from the owner will be to occasionally sweep dirt or debris that can accumulate. The process will only take minutes, depending on how much dirt and debris has gathered. The coating will protect the roof without that. But occasional cleaning of the roof will extend the amount of time the coating will work. This complements the inexpensive and hassle-free way that coating can extend the roof’s life. It will also keep the roof and building aesthetics pristine.

The Benefits of Commercial Roof Coating

Having roof coating applied is a great way to extend the roof’s life. It doesn’t cost much for the owner to have installed, and to clean it themselves. The coating is also quick to install, and the process itself is quiet compared to roofing work. It can reduce energy costs by keeping the temperature down. The coating will reflect UV ways to protect the environment. It will also importantly improve the look of the building. It will help keep the building looking pristine for the owner’s satisfaction, or for resales. These are the benefits of commercial roof coating.

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