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What Is the Best Type of Roof for a Commercial Building?

What Is the Best Type of Roof for a Commercial Building?

If you’re looking for the best type of roof for a commercial building, you’ve found the right post. There’s an easy way to tell if a commercial building needs a new roof. It’s similarly easy to tell precisely which type of roof it will need. The owner should take time to sit inside the building, to see if they can tell what the weather is like outside. There are times when they can tell whether it’s hot and sunny or bitterly cold from the inside. They can also tell when it’s raining. When this happens, it’s time to invest in a new roof. But the roof best for the job will depend on what kind of building it must cover. Durability must be factored in.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs have a reputation for being some of the best and most durable roofs on the market. They’re popular because of their lengthy lifespans. The best-made metal roofs have an average lifespan of 50 years. They’re also low-maintenance, and require minimal upkeep to maintain their cleanliness. The purchaser also has the option to add built-in solar and snow removal functions. These roofs have expensive up-front costs, but they justify the price through their durability.

Metal roofs also come in a variety of types, made with different materials. These include corrugated galvanized steel, tile sheets, copper, and coated and stainless steel. But every choice will result in a metal roof with a polished sheen.

The only issue is how susceptible to corrosion metal roofs are. But it’s possible to have protective surface layers added to the roof. This will help prevent future damage from wear and tear. Even with that feature, it’s still best to give them regular cleaning. Moisture and other forms of pollution will wear the roof down faster if they remain stagnant.

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Built-up Roofing

Built-up roofing is created with layers of tar and gravel. Their overall durability will depend on how many layers they have, though these will come at a cost. The up-front cost is nowhere near as much compared to a metal roof. It’s also inexpensive to repair. These reasons are why they’re some of the oldest styles of roofs.

These roofs can take pressure from foot traffic and objects. But this again depends on how many layers they’re given during the construction process. With a more stable understructure, the roof will be able to take more pressure. Even if they’re well-maintained, built-up roofs have a shorter lifespan at around 20 years. Thanks to the way they’re made, it can also be difficult to find leaks.

Thermoset Roof

Thermoset roofs are made with a rubber membrane. These are mostly installed over pre existing asphalt roofs. They’re applied using heat and pressure, making them easy for roofers to install. They’re made to be resistant to sunlight and pollution over time. This will ensure that they last for many years. 

The key issue with them lies in how they’re not the most attractive option. These roofs are best when they’re not commonly seen atop a building. They can also be punctured easily. They’re not made to withstand heavy objects being dropped on them. But puncturing can also happen due to something as light as a person’s step, or debris hitting the roof.

Green Roofing System

A Green roofing system is made with a tough waterproof membrane consisting of green plants. This is an environmentally-friendly option made to improve air quality atop and around the building. This option will help a company or individual who owns the building reduce their carbon footprint. It will also add a serene green space on the roof. This will create a relaxing resting place for employees or building inhabitants. It’s one of the more aesthetically-pleasing options. They’re also made to be durable, and can last for around 40 years. Green roofs also come with sophisticated drainage management systems and climate control. The construction cost can be reduced thanks to green-driven government incentives.

This serenity comes at a steep initial cost. Green roofs require extensive installation. The plants must be kept in special storage during construction. This factor depends on the outside weather during installation. The time commitment and storage issues will significantly increase the installation cost. They also require more maintenance to maintain cleanliness.

Best Type of Roof for a Commercial Building

Spray-On Roof

The spray-on roof is made with Polyurethane Foam. This material is applied through a liquid spray that will expand and harden into a solid layer. It’s an eco-friendly option, and another one that tends to be applied to current roofing. The spray-on will also add insulation. The material will last in the face of any weather condition, assuming it’s installed properly.

The installation itself is the key issue. The weather conditions must be perfect for the process. There can be no rain, ice, or snow occurring. The installation will be ruined otherwise.

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Asphalt Shingles

The use of asphalt shingles for roofing is common for both commercial and residential roofs. This is for good reason. They’re cheap to install and great for any climate. Their water resistance is great for businesses. They’re also made to withstand other inclement conditions over time.

The issues come through how they’re not as durable as the other options, especially metal. They’ll last up to 100 years if given proper maintenance. But they typically only have around a 20-year lifespan depending on the weather conditions. They also require constant check-ups to ensure that nothing is leaking through them. They’re fine in environments that receive small-to-moderate moisture throughout the year.

What Is the Best Type of Roof for a Commercial Building?

A commercial building owner can choose from several types of roofs. The best ones depend on what kind of building they’ll be applied to. They also depend on the weather conditions the surrounding environment will receive. The metal roof is the best all-around option, despite the significant up-front cost. But the other options have their advantages. Built-up roofing is good and durable while also being low-cost. The thermoset and spray-on roofs are good for application to existing roofs. The green roofing system is also a unique, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally friendly. These are the best types of roofs for commercial buildings.

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